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Fuel crisis back again

The continuing of fuel shortages in the country  has resulted in the hiking of transport fares in high density locations.

Yesterday in Harare many people were left stranded after commuter omnibuses (kombis) disappeared from roads and the few that were available increased fares by more than hundred per cent.

In some parts of  Harare kombis were taking advantage of the situation and  charged $2.50  from $1 per trip  to town. Some people had to walk from their places of residence to their respective workplaces.

Today most people especially those from Southlea Park did not get to their work places on time since the commuter omnibuses were in long queues waiting for them to be served.

However Transport and Energy Minister Jorum Gumbo denies the allegations that the country is facing fuel shortages since there is enough according to him.

“I have fuel in the country. If there are shortages it has to do with local companies failing to buy .It’s not my job to provide them with money.

“You could check with Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) and find out whether they have provided the requisite funds.” Gumbo said.

Zimbabwe has been facing fuel shortages just after the government announces the new  Monetary Policy last year.

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