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Fuel queues resurface

Thousands of commuters have been left stranded at their local bus stops since Sunday last week after kombis increase bus fares, taking advantage of opening schools and fuel shortage at fuel stations.

As of last week Sunday to Wednesday kombies were charging $3 for routes which used to cost $1.50,hence left more parents in vain as they were accompanying their students to school.

Fuel queues have extremely emerged in streets leaving commuters to harsh mshika mshika. Vehicles are still queuing for fuel day and night in order to acquire fuel leaving commuters stranded in town.

The Minister of Energy and Power Development Joram Gumbo had assured the country saying that there was fuel in the country but the only challenge the country is facing is the shortage of foreign currency to import the fuel.

“Let me make it clear, my job is to facilitate the importation of fuel into the country. As far as I am concerned there is enough fuel supplies in to the country but they are shortages of the foreign currency for service stations to buy it” said Hon.Gumbo.

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