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“Gang-Rape” behind Chegutu gruesome murder/assault

An unknown gang pounced on a small farming village in the Pfigaru area yesterday where they assaulted, raped and murdered members of the same family.

Two people are confirmed dead and three fighting for their lives in Chegutu and Harare Central hospitals after the gruesome attack which is now widely believed to have been motivated by gang-rape. The dead are Gogo Egnes Antonio (79) and her grand-daughter, Michelle Katehwa (18).

Michelle’s body was discovered heavily mutilated, stripped naked and with her underwear shoved in her mouth to prevent her from screaming and making noise. Her 79yr old grandmother is likely to have met her fate while attempting to intervene and save her.

Two other unnamed juvenile family members aged 9yrs and 12yrs respectively are battling the wounds of the attack at the Chegutu General Hospital where there conditions have not been ascertained yet.

Michelle’s mother, Spiwe Antonio whom the family still awaits police and medical results is fighting for her life, transferred from Chegutu to Harare Hospital as she was critically wounded. Prior to her transfer, Spiwe could neither move nor talk, however slight improvement has been registered, according to her brother David Antonio who spoke to our crew.

“This is likely to have been local people, it doesnt make sense to kill or attempt to kill young people unless these attackers where beknown to the community and attempted to wipe away all witnesses to the crime”, a visibly distraught David said.

Funeral arrangements are not yet published as the Chegutu Homicide and CID are still combing the scene and victims for information that can assist their investigations. The police appeals to members of the public with any information that can assist their investigations to contact nearest police station.

Meanwhile the Antonia family appeals for financial assistance to mete the multiple tragedy that has befallen them. All well-wishers can contact David Antonio on +263772634329



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