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Uhuru flexes the African muscle on USA President Obama on gay issue (Picture courtesy of Getty Images)

“Gay Rights really a non-issue….” Kenya’s Uhuru barks back at Obama

The US and Kenyan presidents have differed sharply in their positions on gay rights at a news conference on the first full day of Barack Obama’s visit to Africa.

While Mr Obama spoke strongly against discrimination, Uhuru Kenyatta said Kenya did not share the same values.

Mr Kenyatta described the question of gay rights as “really a non-issue” in Kenya, saying that the country needed to concentrate on other areas “that are day-to-day living for our people”, much to the surprise of the American president who visibly had looked confident his Kenyan counterpart would back him and make a legendary statement.

Obama seems to be pushing an punitive agenda on corruption within the African leadership, a move political critics are debating is the Western’s usual rhetoric to attempt Africa how to run their affairs

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