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Genius, Passion war: Ginimbi spotted in New York

Businessman and socialite Genius Kadungwe aka Ginimbi reacts to Prophet Passion Java video by posting his picture in the United States of America in a Dolce and Gabbana tracksuit.

Ginimbi posted a picture on Social media today in America showcasing his lavish lifestyle while he was in a Dolce and Gabbana tracksuits with a caption saying

You know you’re winning when you are happy for no reason,”

Recently Prophet Passion Java compared himself with Ginimbi claiming he was far richer that Ginimbi who resides in Domboshava.

“I just posted my video with my new jetski then someone tells me that I’m living Ginimbi’s life. I googled Ginimbi only to discover someone who lives in Domboshava…”said Java.

Ginimbi a flamboyant businessman is known of flaunting his lifestyle on social media.

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