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Germany Ambassador to Zimbabwe Dr Thorsten Hutter

Germany investors in Zimbabwe

Germany business mission to Zimbabwe with stop-over in Johannesburg workshop started yesterday Harare.

In any interview with ZimOnline news the Ambassador of Germany Dr Thorsten Hutter said that “the different businessmen from Germany have come to see in what ways there can invest to improve the economy of Zimbabwe.”

“The businessmen will meet with the government officials and some businessmen from Zimbabwe to deliberate on business issues” said the ambassador.

He went on to applaud the President on his call to international investors so as to boost the economy of Zimbabwe.

The workshop was organised by Afrika-Verein. The ZimOnline news managed to have any interview with CEO of Afrika –Verein Mr Christoph KannengieBer.

In the interview he brought to light that there have brought a lot of different sectors which include the health, Car manufacturing, Information Communication technology to mention just but a few.

Mr kannengieBer said “we have come to find potential partners in Zimbabwe to work with.”

“We are here to find market for our products and services. We have recognized great business potential even before the establishment of the new dispensation in Zimbabwe.”  Said Mr Christoph KannengieBer.



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