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Glen View 2 Secondary in Form One places scandal

Prominent Harare Secondary School has been caught pants down in a cahoot with unscrupulous school uniform suppliers extorting parents desperate to secure form one places for their children, as results just came in.

“Go to another school that can take RTGS transfers” Glen View 2 Sec School Official

A two minute call with ZimOnline News investigative journalist’s source revealed a Mrs Mutsongoro brazenly telling a prospective student parent to buy uniform in USD or bond cash prior to registration for a Form One place or look for another school that accepts transfer.

The school is on good authority demanding parents to buy uniform first from their exclusive suppliers whom they claim the uniforms must be paid either as cash or in US dollar denomination only.

Challenged to reveal their suppliers, a Mrs Tafara who claimed to be the Senior teacher at the secondary school reluctantly revealed the following list as the school’s contracted supplier list;
1. Guitlic (Mrs Gora)
2. Trends (Mr Nemapeni)
3. Carbrook (Ms. Chiome)
4. Filstar (Mr Kamombe)

Our publication investigators are now in the painstaking phase of establishing how this government policy contravening contract(s) where crafted and how the school and/or individuals are standing to benefit at the expense of parents’ misery and discriminate selection of student quotas.

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