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GMAZ hints maize meal sale in local RTGS

Grain Millers Association Zimbabwe assured the nation  that maize will never be sold in foreign currency yesterday in Bulawayo whilst maize meal farmers expect to be paid in foreign currency.

The millers and retailers discussed price monitoring of maize meal and flour related products. Dr Nyasha Kaseke the GMAZ price monitoring program consultant urged retailers to abide by agreed commodities prices. “The retailers are expected to charge agreed mark up inclusive of the 2% tax on any of the products they source from the millers” , he said.

Government is hinting that they want RTGS whilst maize meal farmers want to be paid in foreign currency. This focuses on tobacco farmers who are failing to access exorbitant inputs, demanding the government pays them in foreign currency too.

Dr Kaseke also explained the effects of price controls to millers and retailers. “Price controls are undesirable as they result in disappearance of commodities from shop shelves and the emergence of the black market”  he said.

Kaseke gave an explanation of how GMAZ price monitoring program will be unrolled. Fellow retailers were urged not to overcharge and burden consumers. Confederation Of Zimbabwe Retailers  President Danford Mutashu emphasized the need to stop profiteering.

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