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Gonyeti mimics Grace Mugabe

Zimbabwe comedian Samatha Kureya ,known by her stage name ‘Gonyeti’ who was allegedly abducted, beaten and made to drink sewage by masked gunmen in the capital Harare due to her political skits has done it again.

Gonyeti has not been intimidated by the abduction and vowed to continue acting. Bustop TV has produced another skit ‘Nematambudziko Tibatemaoko’ relenting to the Former President Robert Mugabe’s death and his burial proceedings.

Imitating the Former First Lady Grace Mugabe and George Charamba. Gonyeti, ‘Grace’ says Mugabe could have reached 100 years of age but due to stress he could not make it .

In the comedy, she claims to decide the burial day ,where her husband will be buried and when ‘George’ tried to argue with ‘Grace’ ,George was silenced by her with her famous quote STOP IT, and threatened to reveal his dark secrets.

The comedy comes after Mugabe’s burial proceedings being controversial.


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