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Gospel Diva,Rumbie Kachembere’s new Dawn

Rumbie’s first eight track effort , Zvoda Ishe  is anything but your typical worship album and the songs lyrics were  not just written out of personal  emotives  but in truth they represent  the move of God on the people he serve and love . I had a chance to interview the artiste and she gladly gave an insight on the songs in the album and her life.

Wadzanai: Can you tell us a little bit about your life background so that we can get to know you better?

Rumbie: my name is Rumbidzai Vidah Kachembere I am 34 years old and the eldest in a family of four girls. I have two beautiful kids and live in Mufakose where I had my primary school. I went to Bradley institute in Bindura for my O’level where I was residing. I came back again to Harare Highfields High school for my A ‘level and later joined Zimbabwe Open University where I graduated with a Marketing Degree’

Wadzanai: I find it interesting, that you started your music career late after college and marriage how did all that help you sharpen your musical talent?

Rumbie: Singing has been my dream and passion but I had to dwell on my education so I had to finish college first and concentrate with my marriage. With kids it all needed money an music request lots of money so there were other things I had to do because of financial constraints before committing to music.

Wadzanai: You are a rising star in gospel music and your new album Zvodaishe is built around the concept of gratitude and hope. The song Jesu Vari pano, what life event inspired the song’s conception and what does the song mean to you.

Rumbie: In life you will come across many challenges I can’t pinpoint on one challenge. I went through a lot and because of Christ I managed to come out of these challenges. In this song Jesu vari pano I was trying to tell people that whatever the situation you going through in your life, if Jesus is in your life everything will work out . I mentioned Jairus’ daughter who had  died and all thought she had died but Jesus said  “she is sleeping” meaning Mwari  vanongoita zvinoshamisa. If God is in your life your story will change.

Wadzanai: I know the release of this album had a wonderful feeling. What has been your greatest achievement?

Rumbie:  This album is my greatest achievement when I was trying to release it I faced a lot of challenges. There were lack of finances and at times there are people who don’t believe you can’t do it  and if you not focused and strong they can bring you down.I a happy about its success.

Wadzanai: We are living in sin, poverty, suffering and endless wars.  People are being led astray by earthly gods. What could be the Gospel community be doing to help bring people together?

Rumbie: Jesus is the only way, truth and life. The best way we can do as gospel singers to bring people together is by preaching the true gospel of God. There is no other way than that.

Wadzanai:  What challenges do you face when you want to market your music to mainstream audiences?

Rumbie: the main challenge is money, it requires a lot of money so it becomes a problem if you don’t have money  but if you got it, its easier.

Wadzanai: You being the powerful voice and praise leader that you are I can imagine that your ministry and music have inspired so many people already. How does that make you feel?

Rumbie: I feel humbled that people are accepting me and are happy. I feel happy that I have managed to achieve and fulfill what God has assigned me to do through music. Matthew 24:24 says “go yee therefore and preach the word of god” and that’s what I am doing.

Wadzanai: Do you ever wonder why God chose you to do what you do?

Rumbie: I believe everyone has a purpose on this planet some are teachers, preachers and prophets I believe god assigned me to preach his gospel through music.

Wadzanai: Being a single mother with two kids, in praise and worship at church and a gospel artiste all of it at the same time. Do you feel a lot of pressure?

Rumbie:  Yes, there is a lot of pressure but I am managing somehow because my kids are in boarding school so there is less work during weekdays and i can do other things. I go for praise and worship on Saturdays so I have time to concentrate and rehearse my music when I have free time mid week.

Wadzanai: Of all the gospel music artiste who is it that you would want to have a collaboration with if given the chance to?

Rumbie:   I love Minister Michael Mahendere and I would want to sing with him one day but  I do have other artiste that I would love to sing  with again talk of Takesure Zama,  Mai Suluma and many others.

Wadzanai:  If people want to access your music where can they get it from?

Rumbie:  You can get my music on sound cloud Rumbie Kachembere or get all the information you need on our face book page which is Rumbie Kachembere again. On twitter and instagram i use my name again.

Wadzanai: It was a pleasure Rumbie being with you here and hearing it from you I hope we will get more of your uplifting music soon.











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