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ZUPCO fare up

Government through Ministry of Information,Publicity and Broadcasting Services has announced that it will be increasing bus fare standards of the Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (ZUPCO) buses with effect from 01 October 2019.

The Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services said, “From the 1st of October 2019 the ZUPCO bus standard fare will rise from ZWL$0.50 to ZWL$1.00,”

 Government only mentioned the price hike of distances which used to cost ZWL$0.50 and left those of ZWL$075, ZWL$2.00 and long distances.

A week before,ZUPCO has reportedly calling upon customers to buy tap cards for their convenience when boarding buses.

“The kiosk where people will be buying the tap cards from are to be set at major pick up points like Market Square,Copacabana and Simon Muzenda Termini in Harare,” said Zupco acting chief executive Everisto Madangwa.

“The kiosks are expected to be in operation beginning next week and Zupco officials will be assisting the public at the points,” he said.

“We are encouraging people to buy tap cards as it is convenient for everyone. We want to promote a cashless society,”Madangwa said.

However, most Zupco passengers said the request to buy tap cards is not working because they are not given the first preference to get in the bus as was reported before and Zupco conductors always say they are having network challenges.

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