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Government pay civil servants cushioning allowance

The Government has approved the paying of an Interim Cushioning Allowance to Civil Servants for the month of January 2020

In a statement on Monday by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. The Treasury advised the Government’s decision to cushion members of the public Service from the adverse economic challenges through awarding of interim Cushioning allowance for the month of January.

The treasury has agreed with the Government’s decision to implement a cushioning allowance for members of the public service as follows: Band F $400, Band E $800, Band D $780, Band C $770, Band B $760 and Band A $750. The Interim Cushioning Allowance will vary from Grade to Grade and negotiations for a Cost of Living Adjustment continue.

“The Government is fully cognisant of the critical economic role that Civil Servants play in the delivery of public services and thus remains committed to improving the welfare of Civil Servants in light of current challenging macro-economic environment. Civil Servants should start receiving their allowance in full from 14 January 2020”. They said

This follows after the Government increased the salary of civil servants by 100% and the civil servants did not agree with that and moved on to plan protests.

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