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Government transport crisis alleviation plan crumbles

The Governments’ plan of hiring buses to transport Zimbabweans all over the capital collapses as fuel crisis resurfaces in fuel stations.

Residents from suburbs as Chitungwiza, Southlands and Ruwa among others were left stranded during peak hour to the mercy kombis and mushika shika who were taking advantage of the situation by charging up-to $6.

Private buses which had been contracted by the Government to beef up Zupco fleet have started vanishing on roads as fuel crisis increases and leaving most buses on the fuel queues.

A Chitungwiza resident Miss Tania Satikono confirmed this and expressed frustration this morning as she arrived at her local Bus stop in Chitungwiza only to be greeted by 100 of commuters waiting for kombis.

“I was devastated today as I arrived at Zebra Bus stop there was a large crowd of people waiting for transport to take them to work places but to no avail there was no transport. I had to wait for about 30 minutes for commuter omnibuses, ”said Satikono.

Satikono said commuter omnibuses were taking advantage of the situation and started charging $5 from Chitungwiza to town. The more commuter omnibuses prices escalate we will be left stranded without bus fares.

Satikono confirmed that at Coca-Cola along Chitungwiza road yesterday there was a sea of desperate helpless commuters anxious to get home people who were left helpless without transport.

The Minister of Energy and Power Development Hon. Joram Gumbo had assured the citizens that the country had enough fuel for four weeks.

Notwithstanding that Total Zimbabwe a leading fuel supplier has issued a warning to Zimbabwe to brace for further fuel crisis as the fuel pipeline has been severely damaged during the recent Cyclone Idai.



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