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Grace Mugabe and ZANU-PF big wigs abused ZINARA funds

The former first lady Grace Mugabe and other ZANU-PF big wigs are allegedly have went on a looting spree and stole over $1 million funds from the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (ZINARA) when Mugabe was still in power.

There were cases whereby ZANU-PF big wigs abused funds for their own personal use. The issue came into light when there was an audit at ZINARA in 2014 by the Grant Thornton Forensic audit report that had been handed over to the Criminal Investigation Department CID Anti-corruption division.

“The Minister Joram Gumbo is alleged to have thwarted investigations by muzzling the board and shielding senior’s ministry officials and top managers, a development that made him cross lines with the then permanent secretary Machivenyika Mapuranga” said the source

This report would show if Mnangagwa would be able to expose some of his counterparts who were abusing the funds such as Mary Chiwenga  Mushambakadzi Trust received close to $26 000,ZINARA paid $35 000 on the 21ST of 2018,Grace Mugabe received $100 000.

ED is expected to expose ZANU-PF wigs who were involved in looting ZINARA funds.

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