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Grandmother arrested over drugs

A 60 year old grandmother from Mount Dawrin has been convicted for five years over possession of an illegal drug mbanje at Chikurubi Maximum

In an interview Rapisai Mashoma said she was in possession of mbanje in her house where she was selling drugs so as to raise school fees for her last born child in form one. Mashoma said she did not have any financial support after her husband passed on in 2006.

“I was imprisoned for selling drugs. I have a child doing form one and the best way to acquire school fees for him was through selling mbanje. My husband passed on its now 13 years and I did not have a stable job and the fastest way was selling drug,”

Mashoma believes her neighbor was responsible for her arrest after whistle blowing at the police.

Mashoma said they were treated well by the prison officers at the correctional services. Mashoma said the only challenge she encountered is shortage of medication. She was currently diagnosed with an infection in her womb.

“I need medical treatment since I was told my womb is infected and I am at risk of having cervical cancer,”

Most inmates have complained about the meals claiming their relish does not have cooking oil and the tea does not have sugar.

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