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ZHDA sceptical of gvt’s pledge of improved conditions

Zimbabwe Hospitals Doctors Association (ZHDA) Secretary-General Dr Mthabisi Anele Bhebhe has denied government’s free offer of transport, accommodation and food.

Posting on his twitter handle Bhebhe said government want them to do food for work.

“Government want us to do food for work. That we offer our services in exchange for food and ZUPCO free transport. Offer rejected in advance!!!!

Interbank rate will close the deal,” said Bhebhe.

Minister of Health and Child Care, Dr Obadiah Moyo said the government is in the process of providing transport, accommodation and food to health workers so as to improve their working conditions.

Government said it will avail ZUPCO buses to ferry doctors to and from their work stations and food will be provided at their work stations also, Government also said it is in the process of identifying flats to ease accommodation challenges.

“Among some of the perks medical practitioners should expect, are residential flats, subsidised transport and food at their work stations,” said Moyo.



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