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Handbag thieves rejected bail

Two women from Chitungwiza, Maria Kagwa and Violet Jaure suspected to have been preying on unsuspecting worshippers, mourners and wedding guests in various parts of the country have been placed on a routine remand to 13 November at Mbare Court, were refused bail and advised to make their appeal at the High Court

In an interview with ZimOnline some of the witnesses who had their belongings stolen managed to narrate their predicaments, she said they had attended a family wedding at Kutsvene Gardens in Harare on the 18th of August this year when the two accomplices joined them at a brides family table which they were seated.

The lady went on to  say that, only these two women (Maria and Violet) were strangers but they could not vacate  them since it was a gathering of both families .Fate is said to came up when they all left their handbags at the table to get food. Upon their return from the food que they found all their handbags missing including car keys, cell phones and other valuables. When they asked others from the next table, they were informed that their two ‘relatives’ had carried their bags. They quickly followed up and saw the car with the two leaving the premises. A report was then made at Helensvale police station.

On another incident around February this year again  at AFM Highfields Central  ,two other victims while praying lost their handbags  which contained two cell phones and a pair of shoes and later on found one of the two bags at Chitubu ,Glennorah  ZAOGA  after some particulars  were found in the straying bag by members at this church. Police report was made at ZRP Machipisa.

Another victim claims to have a camera footage showing the culprits shananigans when they had their pastors birthday party. The CCTV’s footage is said to be showing how these two thieves had entered without bags and later on left with handbags.

Maria and Violet ran out their luck at Glad Tidings Waterfalls where they were spotted. The two suspected culprits are allegedly to have been visiting different churches in Harare, Chitungwiza ,Dema,Chinhoyi  and  Guruve pretending to be worshippers at  churches ,mourners at funerals and guests at weddings while  making away with handbags among other valuables.



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