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Harare City Council pumps raw sewage into taps

Harare City Council is pumping raw sewage into tap water to city residents leading to disease outbreaks being the order of the day.

Residents from Harare said the tap water smells like sewer because the tanks that belong to a sewer treatment plant are the main cause of the problem. The water comes from the sewer treatment plant because the treatment plant is not working.

The city of Harare is therefore releasing dirty water into rivers which pour into the lake where tap water comes from. The released dirt from bodies is being dumped straight into the river and chemicals are taken to try and clean the water which is then used in homes.

Residents have complained of drinking undiluted sewer in Harare. The water situation in Harare has become extremely serious. Residents are hoping that both central and local governments will act swiftly to resolve this as it is unacceptable.

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