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Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume Denied Bail
Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume In Prison Gab

Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume Denied Bail

Harare mayor, Jacob Mafume, who is facing allegations of criminal abuse of office over the illegal allocation of two stands to his sister and a secretary at his law firm, has been denied bail.
Jacob Mafume was advised to approach the High Court for bail application.

Magistrate Bianca Makwande said if Mafume is released on bail, he was likely to interfere with evidence and witnesses who are employees of the City Council.

When Jacob Mafume initially appeared in court on Friday, the State led by Panganayi Chiutsi opposed bail on the basis that Mafume was likely to interfere with witnesses, who are city council employees and he (Mafume) was a flight risk.
Through his lawyer, Tonderai Batasara, Mafume said he had no access to the witnesses as most of them were suspended. Adding that the witnesses do not report to him, ruling out the possibility of him interfering with investigations.
The State alleges that in March this year, Mafume called Housing Director Admore Nhekairo and asked him to allocate residential stands to his sister Rotina Mafume and Rutendo Muvuti, a secretary at his law firm.
Mafume reportedly told Nhekairo that his sister deserved to get the stands since she had not benefited from any council stand.
The court heard that when Mafume approached Nhekairo, the council had already concluded interviews for prospecting home seekers. Further allegations are that Mafume used his influence as a councillor to push other council employees to process the allocation of the stands.
The State further alleges that it was later discovered that Rotina and Muvuti were not on the waiting list despite each having been allocated stands with an intrinsic value of $219 938.

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