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Water woes: Harare City thanks residents for patience

The last two weeks have been a nightmare for Harare residence who faced days without water. understandably, the telephone switchboard as Town house were jammed with justifiable complaints and outbursts as the public was scrambling for not only answers but a solution to the matter.

We caught up with the spokesperson for the City of Harare who took exception to taking us to the source of the problem and work his team was working on to resolve.

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“It has been a nightmare for us, equally as it has been for the city residence to whom we owe service. We had a leak on the main supply pipe at Warren Water Station after a power-surge caused accumulation of air in the water piping, this resultantly caused water-hammer pressure effect that moved part of the metal piping and we had a leak,” explained Mr Chideme.

“I am happy to clear you to visit the site so you can see for yourselves and accurately put it to the public, while this is a security zone, its important for public interest and as well reassurance of the Greater Harare residence that we are not deliberately letting the city run dry”, he added.

The main pipe in question which is approximately 1.2m in diameter needed to completely brought to surface so the leak could be fixed and worn parts replaced with new ones.

At the Warren Water Station, we met with Engineer Hosea Chisango, Director of Harare Water who was more than happy to take us through the nature of the problem and steps his department and other stakeholders had taken to mitigate the problem.

Listen to Engineer Hosea Chisango’s statement here:

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