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Harry Thomas blames politicians for Zimbabweans’ suffering

Former United States ambassador to Zimbabwe Harry Thomas said Zimbabwe government leaders are only interested in wealth accumulation and power mantainance. He said this during an interview with BSP News in United States.

“Misfortune in Zimbabwe is because of massive corruption, mismanagement for many years; the government and leaders in Zimbabwe are only interested in power accumulation and wealth mantainance. It’s unfortunate, it’s manmade despite the drought but the people of Zimbabwe deserve better,” said Thomas.

Thomas said the government of Zimbabwe is accountable for the suffering of the nation and Zimbabwean might not get the help they need because of this. He also addressed how the government officials take national money and use it for their own personal uses.

“It happens when its leaders take all of the money that they earn through selling minerals as they should, they are a very wealthy country, and putting it into their pockets,” said Thomas

Thomas also linked water shortage in Zimbabwe to government failure to maintain wells and drilling many boreholes than necessary.

“The wells are no longer maintained, people are drilling boreholes to get water and they keep digging deeper and deeper and there is less water,” concluded Thomas.

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