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“He drives E Class Benz” woman tells court

A Harare woman (Shamiso Dharuru) has approached court seeking maintenance for two minor children from her former husband Andrew Machako.

Speaking at the Harare Civil Court Dharuru said she wants $1 700 from Machako because he is a business man.

“This man is a business man, he is a car dealer realizing $10 000, and he owns some shops. He also sells television at Zimpost shopping mall and he gets $5 000 from that business. He is a rich man driving a E class Benz,”Dharuru said.

In response Machako said he can offer $60 per month.

“I can offer $60 because she took all of my property, including the shops that we used to get $400 per each,” said Machako.

The man also disputed allegations that he is a business man.

“She assumes that I am a car dealer, The Benz that she is talking about is my friend’s car,He gave me that car because I assisted him with some money to start a business,he gave me a month ago and l returned it.I used to drive Corola the one l was given by ‘baba’ Junior, that is the vehicle that l used to come here,” he added.

Presiding magistrate Tafadzwa Mhiti postponed the case to 17 June as she ordered Machako to bring his Eco-cash and bank statements.She also ordered Dharuru to bring proof which shows that her former husband owns TV shop at Zimpost shopping mall.

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