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He enjoyed B***job on the wheel, late Ginimbi ex opens up

An ex-girlfriend of Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure who died pants down this morning is a fatal road traffic accident along Domboshava road has made a disturbing exposee of the fallen socialite’s fetish.

“Genius let me to his desire to which I one did, fearful if this will not put us in road danger. He openned his zipper and asked me t do it. I couldnt see the road but while my head was pinned down, I could feel the car was moving way to fast. He really enjoyed being given a B***job while driving…..”

“When I asked him if he wasn’t playing with life, he openly expressed boldness, claiming he can handle his driving and has done this so many times its his orgasmic moments. I always feared this will be how he will die.” she added.

Genius was thrown out of the vehicle before it hit a tree around the Philadelphia area of Borrowdale and burst into flames. Though police are yet to confirm, it is believed two other female passenger perished in the post impact inferno.

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