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Health Ministry approaches the Army to deploy nurses and doctors as strike intensifies

The Ministry of Health and Child Care has written to the Zimbabwe National Army requesting for assistance with health caregivers amid protests by health workers in public institutions.

Below is the letter which was written to the Secretary for Defence and War Veteran Affairs, Ambassador Maromwe.


Reference is made to our discussion of the above subject matter.

On the 17th of June 2020, the Health APEX Council advised the Health Service Board that Health Workers would withdraw services with immediate effect. Reports from institutions indicate that nurses withdrew services, especially at Central and Provincial Hospital as well as some district hospitals. The rest of the Health Workers continue to report for duty but not much can be done without the nurses to give the regal. patient care.

The Ministry is requesting for your assistance to augment coverage for emergency services especially in Central and Provincial Hospitals for the duration of the withdrawal of labour by the nurses.

We will be calling upon your health services personnel to assist In the hot spots at the central hospitals as requested by the Chief Executive Officers and Provincial Medical Directors of the affected institutions.

Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Dr G. Mhlanga

Acting Secretary for Health and Child Care



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