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Health practitioners urged to show humanity to patients

By Dalubuhle Dube and Patience Maforo

Minister of Health and Child Care Dr Obadiah Moyo has called upon health workers to practice humanity during their working hours. Moyo said having compassion within would make them gain integrity and respect from their patients.

Speaking at the Customer Care Championship Awards Program at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals Hon .Moyo said doctors and nurses should treat patients as if they are doing so for their loved ones.

May I remind you that you are human beings first and foremost and scientists second and never vice-versa. As such being a scientist is not at all a reason for being impolite, irresponsible and helpless to fellow human beings. I absolutely find nothing wrong with being a good doctor, nurse, a pharmacist or any health worker for that matter. A healthcare worker who is loved and respected by patients and their relatives,”

Moyo hailed Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals for being practicing humanity as health cares by showing love to their patients. Hon Moyo encouraged other health workers to emulate from Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals.

Parirenyatwa Group of hospitals have seriously taken heed of the call to ensure that patients are treated with respect, with courtesy and their esteem is preserved,”

The Minister also advised that a module of Customer Care should be implemented in health workers courses so as to instill the culture of human kind. Moyo said health practitioners should not tarnish images of hospitals because it will ruin the whole image of an organisation.

“I know that one of the major reputational risks of a hospital is poor customer care. I recall how the article on Ward C5 here went viral like veld fire. Although it was a single incident, it gave the hospital a very big dent,”

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