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MDC Hlatywayo congratulates 1st female UZ-SRC President

International Relations Shadow Secretary Gladys Kudzai Hlatywayo has applauded the new SRC President Abiona Mataranyika for winning the recent elections. Hlatywayo applauded Mataranyika for being a trendsetter to other female students.

”History made at UZ. The first female President !!!. Well done Madame President Abiona we are proud of you. In 2004 I was elected Secretary General and never thought we would have a female President you are a pace setter!!!,”

Mataranyika appreciated everyone for the support they gave her and ZINASU.

”We have been given a chance to show our capabilities. Thank you so much for your congratulation. However,I cannot take all the credit because it was team effort. If it were not for all our collective hard work, I would not have made…Truly shall not disappoint you,” said Mataranyika.

The winning of ZINASU did not go well with with the ZICOSU party which is under the ZANU-PF led party who incited violence at the the University of Zimbabwe claiming the elections were rigged.

Security department at the Institution had to deploy state security had to deploy state security to calm down the rocking violence and restrain the fights.

Yesterday marked a paradigm shift in the history of students politics at the University of Zimbabwe, since 1952 the institution had never had a female president

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