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Holidays: Police urge motorists to observe traffic laws

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has called upon motorists to observe all traffic laws and regulations in this festive season to curb accidents.

In a statement Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi urged motorists to avoid travelling at night, overloading, driving whilst drunk and over speeding.

“Motorists are urged to plan their journeys and avoid travelling during the night. We also entreat public service operators to avoid over-burdening drivers by carrying out extra trips as fatigue will catch up with them leading to accidents,”Nyathi said

“Overloading and speeding are serious offences in terms of the law hence we implore drivers and operations to be exemplary by being responsible on the roads. Drivers should avoid driving whilst drunk or driving under the influence of alcohol as this often leads to accidents,” he said.

Nyathi also urged members of the public to secure their homes and property these coming holidays.

“On the other hand, cases of unlawful entry and theft are likely to be on the increase during this period. We urge members of the public to put in place measures to ensure that their homes and property are secured,” he added.

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