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‘HongMeng will beat Android’: Huawei CEO

The World’s largest supply of Telecommunication Huawei has announced that they are working on a new smart phone Operating System called Hong Meng.

In an interview with French magazine, Huawei CEO and founder Ren Zhengfei said the operating system will be 60% faster than Android and MacOS.

“We built this system in order to be able to connect all objects simultaneously. This is how we move towards a smart society,” CEO said.

“The software will not only be used on smart phones but also on routers, network switches ,computers, tablets and even data centres which is quite intriguing. This cross-device compatibility has been likened to Google’s FuchsiaOS which is currently in the networks,” said Ren.

Ren also said Hong Meng will beat MacOS in terms of speed, “Whilst that’s quite exciting in itself, speed is not the bell-all and end-all of what customers expect and be it on tablets, smartphones and computers, HongMeng’s adoption will probably be heavily linked to how many applications will be available on the platform,”

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