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Human compassion fades as electrocuted “Copper thief” pleads ignored

The Daily Mail reported that onlookers from Lynnville suburb of Witbank heard a blast at Botha substation in the north-west of Mpumalanga province late last week, but chose not to help a man who they saw climbing out of the substation with a burnt and smoking body. The unidentified young man who is accused of stealing copper wires, asked for help but to no avail.

‘I am burning, I am dying and it is so painful, please get an ambulance,’ begged the wounded, young man.

None of the residents who were gathered at the scene attempted to help the man or call an ambulance, despite burnt skin hanging from his body. Instead, some started to record the video while others were busy yelling at the helpless young man: ‘What were you doing? You brought this on yourself, what were you doing in the substation?”

Upon realising that the people were not going to help him, the young man staggered towards the nearby clinic which was 500 metres away from the substation. He got help from the nursing staff, who called an ambulance that later took him to a hospital where he died the following day.

Source: Daily Mail

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