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Husband call for a reconcile after failing child maintenance

A local divorced mother from Harare,  has won her legal fight for the payment of maintenance in a vital judgment.

Catherine Makwasha has appealed to the civil court for the maintenance of their three children from his husband Trymore Ndlovu. The couple separated  due to domestic conflicts that were not mentioned.The ex-wife wants the father of her three children to take care of his family.

Catherine told the court that she wants $300 for maintenance of the three children aged fourteen, eleven and seven.  She told the court that his husband earns a total of $500 monthly and he has been abandoning his children welfare ever since they separated . This money will cater for food school and their basic needs.

However Ndlovu pleaded for leniency with the court saying that the money demanded by his ex-wife is beyond his own capacity. ‘Ndinoita basa rekutengesa chibage mustreet pamwe ndotombononga mubin’.  He said when the market is high that is when he gets $50 and cannot afford  paying the money she wants. ‘Ndinokumbirawo hangu mukadzi wangu tidzokeererane, lets live together as a family’.

Catherine denied the reconciliation saying he hasn’t changed his ways and what she needs is the support of their children.

The court ruled out that Ndlovu pays $50 maintenance for his children every month.

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