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Hwende urges MPs to put the public first

Movement for Democratic Change Alliance (MDC-A) Secretary General Chalton Hwende has called upon his fellow Parliamentaries to push for the public’s passport application consideration ahead of the cushy pack of diplomatic passport.

Currently the passport office has declined the civilians applications due to the shortage of passport paper and ink. The material needed cannot be accessed due to foreign currency shortage.

Hwende posting on his twitter handle, said ordinary citizens should be put ahead and considered before MP’s because MP’s are there to serve them. Hon.Hwende said they were greater number of Zimbabweans out there with medical issues that need special treatment from other countries should be taken into consideration.

We must provide passports first to ordinary Zimbabweans. Only after that can we consider Diplomatic Passports for our MPs. As a Social Democratic Party we must refuse to be equalized by The corrupt ZANU PF regime. We must stand and defend the toiling masses,”

He added

Diplomatic Passports to MPs at this point in time when ordinary  Zimbabweans who need to travel out of country for medical treatment escaping the current economic hardships and to further their education are failing to access ordinary passports is not a priority,”

Of late Zimbabweans could not get access to passports after it is alleged that they is no passport papers and ink which needs to be imported with forex. With the economic hardships most Zimbabweans are looking for greener pastures so as to cater for their families needs.



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