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‘I am a student’ man tells court

A Harare woman has dragged her ex-husband to Harare Civil Court for the upkeep of their 4 year old child.

Blessing Mhonda claimed upward variation of $200 because their 4 year old child was in need of medical assistance.The child is has a growth on his neck.

“I would like him to increase the child’s money because the child is having a medical problem whereby he has a growth on his neck which appears and disappears,”said Mhonda.

Samson Tsotso disputed the claims saying the child had been healed from the growth on his neck and he catered for the medical bills.He claimed that he was student and needed school fees also.

“I am a responsible father when the child had the growth, I paid for the medical bills when the child was not feeling well. I buy groceries for the child and I am also a student, ”said Tsotso.

Presiding Magistrate Sheila Nazombe ordered Tsotso to pay $120 per month for the child’s necessities an they have a joint responsibility in taking care of the child.

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