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I do not support state lies: Mliswa

Honorable Member of Parliament for Norton Constituency Temba Peter Mliswa said he is not in support of politicians’ lies as many mistook his confrontation to Nick Mangwana on propaganda on twitter this week.

Mliswa twitted on his Twitter defending himself as a lot of people accused him of being ZANU PF.

“Some mistook my query to Nick Mangwana on propaganda as an exhortation to support state lies but that’s not it. My issue is on the government communication machinery being able to defend and support its various courses of action and policies,” said Mliswa.

“Propaganda as the concerted dissemination of biased information is just one aspect of the practice but it can also be about selling your vision and showing its positives to the people. It is that which I feel the government communication machinery is failing to do,” added Mliswa.

Mliswa also said, “It has been overrun on social media and its message drowned out. Those defending the policies are generally weak in their arguments and can’t provide valid standpoints to convince people. Mostly they resort to cheap shots that carry no weight in the larger national narrative.

“The shortcomings are more explicit when contrasted with how the previous admin managed to defend the Land Reform Program which was an international scandal of great damage both to the country’s global fortunes and for ZANU PF as a party,” he added

“The point here is about the communication ability and not the merits or lack thereof of the policies themselves. The current government has not had to defend anything of the proportion of the Land Reform which angered the West but they are failing to support and defend their positions,” he said.

“Doing a job is just one half the other part is about being able to communicate to the masses. The same with getting everyone aboard the vision, if people don’t understand what you are doing or where you are going you will always face challenges,” said Mliswa.

“Don’t get bogged down in the trenches of polarization this thread is a dry and academic take on the communication system of the government neither as support or disapproval of its policies but as an analysis of how it’s failing to do something which we all know it wants to do,” concluded Mliswa.

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