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Inmates report food crisis at Mutare prison.

Member in charge of Mutare Remand Prison have raised concern over the inhumane conditions that they are facing at the correctional center and prison officials have asked for help of aid to improve the situation.

The prisoners reported that they have acute shortages of clean water, balanced diet, clothing, and blankets whilst analysts are criticizing President Emmerson Mnangagwa who is always in the skies using private jets whose costs are unnecessary.

“We need help to be a real correctional service, but the government can’t afford it alone, so we need partners, who can help in any way”, Member-in-charge of Mutare Remand Prison Maplan Kakoto said.

The prisoners said “It’s difficult here. We overcrowded. There is no space to sleep, sometimes we sleep seated. We are urging the government to come up with a solution because we will continue to suffer. Our diet is not balanced. Sometimes we eat relish without cooking oil. We don’t have adequate blankets and prisoners who are on ati-retroviral treatment are struggling to get medication.”

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