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Is the government really doing anything?

When the settlers settled in then Salisbury now Harare in 1890, the idea of relocating the city to another area was mooted in 1891. The options were Norton, Mvurwi, Darwendale, Rusape et cetera. However the idea of relocating the city was rejected, one of the reasons was that the other options were lower than Harare thus ‘unhealthy’ however the main reason was that six brick buildings had already been built hence the investors did not want to loose their investments! The city remained where it is presently. Harare is upstream of its main water supply, and thus we are condemned to drink our own recycled waste!

It is surprising that the government is now envisaging relocating the capital more than 3decades after attaining independence. In all these years in power what have they been doing? Is it a case of someone sleeping on the job or a case of pure ignorance?

Most humans have the problem of considering ‘prophecy after the event’ not prior to the event. A closer scrutiny of most of the post-independence government policies reveal the government acting when disaster had already strike and in most cases lately.

For example the fast track land reform was done carelessly and haphazardly void of any proper planning. The idea of empowering the black majority was a noble idea of asserting full independence however it was the methodology that was fraught with a lot of errors. 15 years later the government has not done anything to remedy the situation. Logically, the government must have done a follow up to assess whether the programme had yielded expected results or not. In stead of that, they are busy coming up with new flawed policies. Definately somebody is sleeping at the job.

It was the same mistake made by the settlers in Rhodesia. The 1951 Land Husbandry act was a disaster that the Huggins administration did not foresee. The late eminent historian David Beach had this to say about this act,

“… it was trying to cram into a decade the same process   of the so-called Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions in Britain, which had been accomplished with unparalleled industrial expansion and considerable emigration over at least two centuries.”

What a shame. Edward Burke was not against the notion of change but he was against abrupt change which produced unintended results, desirable change has to be a gradual process.

Settlements are sprouting everywhere in our towns and cities. Yet, the government wants the ‘illegal’ settlements demolished. When we all went to war with the whites i thought we were fighting for our land.  Three decades later someone is said to be illegally settling on that same land. Operation Murambatsvina was a dismal failure. All the houses that were destroyed are resurfacing again. The people are homeless they need a place to stay which they call theirs. Nobody wants to be a tenant or to live in someone’s spare bedroom.  Mrs. Mphoko could not even stay in a 3million dollar mansion because many other government ministers stayed there before. Yet that same government wants its citizens to be homeless!

It was easy for the American government to blame the Russians and their Psycho-politics for the rampant drug abuse in their country. However, all the blame is theirs. Hollywood glorifies drugs, sex and violence everyday on TV. Will our own government blame the Britons and their sanctions for the drug abuse rampant in the high densities too? Well, with Zanu Pf everything is impossible. The police does nothing about drugs, drug cartels are not arrested at all, and all they have to do is bribe the police every week. The government is always ‘busy’ with important ‘government work’. Ministers are always travelling abroad negotiating deals that we will never see their impact on our societies, instead evrytime they travel they come back with new suites and post pictures of their lavish trips on social media for us to admire.

We have government workers who makes you feel as if you are disturbing them at their jobs. Inexperienced people who knows nothing about public administration. Our government is still in the era of public administration whereas developed countries have shifted to New Public Management (NPM).

We all wonder what the government is actually doing inside those high rise buildings.  With all the time spent in parliament were our MPs behave like teenagers, nothing comes out of it. The Chinese and Russians are always flying in the country we are yet to see how those meetings benefit us.  Someone is sleeping at the job comrades it’s high time for all progressive people to do something about it.




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