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“It wasn’t a fight”: Soul Jah Love speaks out

Zimdancehall Artist Soul Jah Love commented on his latest public fight on the streets on Power FM Radio today saying it was not a fight, it was just one of those situations any human being come across.

“There’s nothing called bad publicity, publicity is publicity” said Soul Jah Love. He said he remains focussed on his music although people bash him everytime.

The singer said he always moves around with his band members and dancers. “I don’t plan things, I just wake up and you can hear that he was fighting in public because I’am a human being with feelings and I can easily get provoked”.

The singer cleared the air that the fight was about a girl who is in a relationship with him but he is not in a relationship with her. He said that a lot of girls have a tendency of claiming that they are involved in relationships with him.

Soul Jah Love said it was not a fight but it was one of those situations that I went to the shops then I exchanged words with other people. He also said that temptations come along when big things are also coming.

The “Ndini Uya uya” hitmaker said he is launching a new album soon.

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