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Italian Tycoon Arrested At Court

Italian tycoon, Tony Renato Sarpo has been arrested at Harare Magistrates’ Court on allegations of presenting a fake CR14 at High Court.

The arrest came after Sarpo had appeared in court on allegations of converting company property and money to his own use.

The trial failed to kick off after he sought for a postponement highlighting that his lawyer could not make it to court today.

The matter was remanded to May 8.

Details on the fresh allegations are not yet clear, the arresting details only revealed that he presented a fake CR14 at the High Court.

On the matter which is already before the court, the State alleges that Sarpo abused his office while he was still one of the directors of Matebeleland Engineering Private Limited trading as Yagden Engineering.

The complainant in this matter is Yagden Engineering being represented by its Loss Control Officer Solomon Mateta.

Allegations are that sometime in 2013, Sarpo a former director of Yagden  Engineering was mandated by the company to sell a Hyundai pick-up truck, registration number ACX 8503 for US$16 000.

He was required to deposit the proceeds in Yagden Egineering’s Ecobank account.

In August 2016, Sarpo approached Bradley Harris at number 176 Enterprise Road Chisipite, Harare and mandated him to sell the vehicle on his behalf.

That same month, the car was bought by Dale Charters who paid the full amount of US$16 000.

After receiving the money, Sarpo reportedly converted the money to his own use.

Sometime in 2013, Sarpo was mandated by the same company to sell a Toyota Land Cruiser registration number ACR 8946 for US$25 000.

On March 27 2014, Edmore Gochai bought the car and an agreement of sale between the two parties was made.

Gochai reportedly swapped the Land Cruiser with his BMW worth US$35 000 and the accused person paid the balance of US$10 000.

After the transaction, Sarpo reportedly did not disclose any information to the complainant.

The State further alleges that sometime in 2013, Sarpo was given US$150 000 by one of the company’s directors, Wayne Williams to import mining components and 90 motor bikes which were supposed to be registered in the name of the company.

Sarpo reportedly imported the motor bikes but registered then in the name of his company, Peppy Motors.

Sometime in 2014, the accused person entered into an agreement with sugarcane farmers through Zimbabwe Sugarcane Association in Chiredzi and sold the same motorbikes.

He ordered then to deposit money into Yagden Engineering.

He reportedly took the unassembled 35 motor bikes to his own farm in Chiredzi and failed tom hand them over on demand by the complainant.

The motor bikes were reportedly recovered and can be produced in court as exhibits.

The compliant suffered a loss of US$24 5000 which was fully recovered.

It was also reported that sometime in 2016, the company agreed to purchase a UD truck and Sarpo was tasked to purchase and register the vehicle in the company’s name.

Sarpo reportedly bought the vehicle and registered into a name which he did not disclose to the complainant.

During the same year, while the truck was being used at the company, Sarpo reportedly took the truck from the company on the pretext that that it had been hired and left it  at ABC Auctions where it was bought by one Rodgers Mangwiro for US$15 610.


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