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Kereke Prosecution – The heat just got turned UP!

Just hours ago, the Public Prosecutor General Mr Johannes Tomana who in the past had stood aground against paving way for the prosecution of Dr Jane Mutasa, Dr Munyaradzi Kereke and Vivek Solanki on various fraud and miscellaneous cases has just issued certificated allowing the prosecutions.

The trio who in the past shown cushy comfort and protection from the power hierarchies now seem to be getting more and more isolated with the grim reality of facing justice looming on their heads.

Mutasa is accused of defrauding the mobile network giant Telecel of US$750,000.00 in an airtime scam while Dr Kereke has a case of raping a minor hanging on his noose and Dr Solanki is accused of embezzling and undisclosed amount from African Medical Investments in an ownership dispute of The Trauma Center.

The certificates were issued this afternoon by Florence Ziyambi on behalf of the office of the Prosecutor General Mr. Tomana.

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