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Killer T jets in South Africa

Award winning Zimdancehall musician Killer T will be performing live on the 11th of January at Innocent Pub in Kempton Park in South Africa.

The live show will be hosted by Shisaka Entertainment and he will be sharing stage with PTK and Loud H. Killer T who was in Australia recently will be performing again in Yeovill which is just a few kilometres away from Kempton Park on the 12th of January.

Speaking to Zimonline News, the event manager Big Fadaa said that Killer T flew from Australia to South Africa yesterday.

“Shisaka have hosted Killer 5 times last year and it is of no doubt that he is the man of the moment. Last year he did 30 shows and they were very successful. He is loved by many people and not by Zimbabweans only. From the previous shows, many foreigners attended including Malawians, Zambians, South Africans and Nigerians among others.

“He recorded a new track yesterday in our studio here titled ‘Baya World Riddim’ and it will be coming out soon.  I’m also very happy with the number of people who have bought their tickets so far, it is promising to be a big show despite the fact that people are suffering from January disease,” he said.

Killer T who is based in Mbare rose fame with his popular song ‘makarova ganaz’, which is translated in English as (you beat up a soldier). He said that his songs are inspired by youth life in the ghetto and their lifestyles, aspirations and challenges make him to pen more songs.

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