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Letter to my President

I write to you, my president reminding you those dark bitter days when the blood of sons and daughters of this land was shed in battle.

Do you remember the passion and bravery the guerrillas and mujibas had to free their motherland from the colonial chains?They fought with hope and determination and got us our independence.

Zimbabweans have been surviving on breadcrumbs for 22 years and still hold on which is their great weakness and pure negligence by their leaders.

The children are toiling and being exploited in foreign land as educated prostitutes, thieves, housemaids and broker  dealers.

Sadly the rest at home are succumbing to endless poverty, unemployment is at its peak, elderly people sleep on streets waiting to withdraw their hard earned cash, street-kids roam in pavements, hunger and inflation the list is endless.

They are dragging in weary muscles, “some kind of perseverance and hope” they have for their country but the nation has turned into a prison system.

Can I say your regime has successfully distorted the nation’s enthusiasm of freedom, prosperity and equality, the main reasons the liberation fighters fought for?

Our political leaders have deliberately turned deaf to peoples pleas. They have become greedy and power hungry.

Maybe you didn’t know! The government hosts beasts of corruption, looters and nepotists.

Those scares and severe bloodshed is vanishing without result. That patriotic spirit every Zimbabwean had is being lost.

Sons and daughters of the soil fought arm in arm for an independent Zimbabwe, but today the same methods of boycott, strike, civil disobedience and polite petitioning will send any Zimbabwean into exile, torture/death or jail.

If Zimbabweans can’t say it out loud and be heard all the years behind, fighting in the forest was a waste of breath and those ahead are a waste of breath too.

Zimbabweans fought for a better land where we all should proudly belong. I don’t see it, we are not belonging!

All I am saying is, Zimbabweans are revolutionary fighters who fought for independence, justice, equality and prosperity, where did we miss it all my President.








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