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Lumumba urges Mnangagwa to give young people opportunities

Zimbabwe’s political commentator William Gerald Mutumanje aka Acie Lumumba has urged President Emmerson Mnangagwa to give young people opportunities so that they can come up with solutions that will assist the country.

In a video which he posted on social media Lumumba said Mnangagwa should give young people access to opportunity because they are the ones leading in providing solutions in many industries.

“The President greatest task is actually not giving us his greatest idea, that’s not, It’s not how smart is Emmerson Mnangagwa. The President greatest task is how to manage the ideas of young people to this country?” said Lumumba.

“I think the greatest challenge young people have is access to opportunity to….For every single problem that this has there is a young person with the solution to how to solve that problem,” he said.

In his video Lumumba also mentioned Zimbabwe Broadcasting Cooperation (ZBC) that it must not face any problems because there are lot of young people in the country who can provide their services.

The political commentator also revealed that he voted for Mnangagwa because he believed he can pave way to prosperity.

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