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Magaya’s “World Class” hotel in arson storm

Embattled leader of the Prophetic Healing & Deliverance Ministry cum businessman, Prophet Walter Magaya who is embroiled in a highly publicised sex scandal has suffered a mysterious fire breakout at his hotel in Prospect, Waterfalls.

PHD Hotel

Magaya has received acute criticism after strings of adulterous relationships and bribe-transactions most which he admits himself. Of latest is a woman who is claiming her child was fathered by the man of the frock.

Witnesses at the engulfed property are saying the fire started mysteriously and almost instantly covered the kitchen and dining area. Onsite fire hydrants could not contain the blaze. The City of Harare fire engine had been summoned at the time of this article publishing.

Magaya’s woes are beyond the accusations as the hotel and adjescent development where both cited for foreclosure by a local bank he and wife fell behind in repayments on a loan of $23million. The fire breakout will adversely compound to the situation.

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