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Magistrate orders man to tell court how to cook ‘Dovi and Salt’

Magistrate Sheila Nanzombe yesterday ordered a Harare man (Webster Murozvi) to tell the court how he can prepare meal using peanut butter and salt.

Murozvi was taken to Harare Civil Court by his ex-wife Mirriam Mandinike who applied for $50 mantainance for their one year old child.

Nanzombe’s comments came when Murozvi was in the process of stating grocery list worth $25 as he had offered.

“Please share with us on how do you cook dovi and salt. Assist us to help many families, there is no way l can agree with you, $25 dollars is not sufficient, Magistrate said.

“The child cannot suffer work harder to meet the child’s needs, your wife understands, she claimed $120 but she said she now want $50 which is fair,” said Nanzombe.

In response, Murozvi said he can afford $25 because he sells empty containers and he gets $45 out of them per month. You have no excuse that you sell empty bottles.

Nanzombe ordered Murozvi to deposit $50 per month for the upkeep of his baby starting from June. She also advised Mandinike to approach the court if Murozvi defaults so that his warrant of arrest will be issued.

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