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Magombeyi resigns: Zimbabweans react

Zimbabwe Hospitals Doctors Association (ZHDA) President Peter Magombeyi has resigned. His resignation letter was put into public and Zimbabweans reacted differently to the news.

Magombeyi wrote his resignation letter indicating that the 24th of January 2020 will mark his last day in office.

“I do not intend to inconvenience you with this news, and I hope you will accept my most sincere apologies in making Friday, the 24th of January 2020 the last day as President of the aforementioned association,” said Magombeyi.

However, Zimbabweans are saddened by this decision as they think Magombeyi is just selfish and had no interests of Zimbabweans at heart.

“This selfish Doctor was after money and personal gains had no patients at heart. The number of people that died when he called for a strike and his fake abduction tells it all,” twitted Paidamoyo Mutsvairo in response to ZHDA’s tweet.

Other citizens say Magombeyi misled other doctors and now he leaves them stranded.

“After dumping fellow Doctors in a ditch this is how he repays them by resigning, what an ungrateful fellow,” twitted one Mr Nhidza.

On the contrary, fellow doctors say Magombeyi fought a good fight and his resignation is justified.

“We seniors think it was in his best interest i mean u can fight a battle but get to a point where it’s pointless. The government doesn’t give a damn so what’s the point, “said Doctor Vitalis Chiza from Parirenyatwa Hospital.

“I don’t think he is selfish i was once in the leadership of the hospital doctors association when i was a junior, the pressure is unbearable,” concluded Doctor Chiza.

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