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Mahere lashes out at ZANU-PF

Shadow Minister of Education, Arts, Sports and Culture from the leading opposition party MDC-A Adv. Fadzayi Mahere has castigated ZANU-PF led government for mismanaging state funds leaving most Zimbabweans impoverished.

In a tweet Mahere criticised ZANU-PF for destroying the country leaving the economy eradicating while they are living extravagant lives.

“The standoff between Zanu’s G40 & Lacoste factions is a red herring. The real issue is that ZANU-PF in whatever form is happy to use public funds to live lavishly while people’s lives deteriorate. Sad to see public funds used for all this largesse while people are hungry and poor,” said Mahere.

Adv. Mahere also criticized the government for misusing state funds for their health purposes without considering Zimbabwe’s health facilities which are deteriorating.

“It’s embarrassing and selfish for political elites to destroy our public hospitals then seek health care abroad, destroy our airlines then hire private jets for themselves, destroy our airlines then hire private jets for themselves, destroy our farms that import grain,” she said.

“After 40 years of Independence, where is our liberation,”

Mahere added. The founding father of the nation and the former President of Zimbabwe passed on in Singapore where he was seeking medical treatment. Vice President Constantino Guveya Dominic Nyikadzino Chiwenga is seeking medical treatment in China.



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