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‘Mai 2’ heads Marondera and Mutare with ‘Magical’ Bedroom Sweets

Popularly known for Indian bedroom sweets, Mai 2 is promising fireworks and life changing experiences to those in marriages and sexually active.

She is set to visit Marondera and Mutare on Saturday 27 June and promises that the sweets have been tried and tested by many, Mutare and Marondera here is the chance to solve sex related setbacks such as early ejaculation for men, bad genital odours and other sexual related health problems that affect both women and men.

As we are living in a world that is full of marriage breakups and conflicts it is clear that most of promiscuities and infidelities are caused by men or women who are failing to satisfy each other in bed, Mai 2 has the solution for all those problems.

‘A lot of women and men are testifying the powerful impact of our products’,  said Mai 2, ‘those who are weak in bed can be turned into machines and one great thing about our products is that they have no side effects whatsoever.’

Those who don’t want to miss this great opportunity to meet Mai 2 in Marondera and Mutare this  coming Saturday please contact her and book for a meeting  on  +263 785 538 783 and also like her Facebook Page on the attached link



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