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September 12 2019. Julius Malema addressing a memorial service of the late Robert Mugabe that the EFF has arranged in Soweto. Picture: Thapelo Morebudi/The Sunday Times

Malema bows to Mugabe legacy

The Economic Freedom Fighters political party (SA) has held a Life celebration and memorial for the late former Zimbabwean President Cde Robert Mugabe to where the controversial Pan African Revolution leader CIC Julius Sello Malema paid tribute to the fallen father calling him “The Father of Africa”.

In his moving tribute, Malema slammed the myopic ignorance of some African political leadership whom he said are selling out to the white supremacist agenda of dividing Africans and make them hate each other, much to their benefit and the peril of Africanism.

“Keep your Pik Botha and we will keep our Mugabe. Keep your Ian Smith and we will keep our Mugabe”, bellowed the now regarded firebrand of African emancipating politician of the day today, in chant of the late Mugabe’s infamous dig on former Britain Prime Minister Tony Blair;

“Blair keep your little England and I will keep my Zimbabwe…”, the veteran fallen leader is wildly quoted.

Malema also took on the perpetrators of Xenophobia calling them animals and criminals who must be brought to book for the crimes against fellow black Africans.

“You turning on fellow Africans, calling them foreigners, show me the paper that you are the owner of South Africa. You are just a person with nothing going back to a flat you rent owned by a white man yet you are killing your very own. These are your neighbours you are killing and can even be your future employers”, a visibly angry politician added.

The memorial event was graced by Saviour Kasukuwere and Patrick Zhuwao, both former Ministers under Mugabe leadership now in exile after allegedly being threatened and haunted by the current President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa regime which toppled the late Mugabe in a soft coup in November 2017.



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