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Xenophobia:Malema apologises on behalf of South Africans

South Africa Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Commander in Chief Julius Sello Malema has issued an apology on behalf of all South Africans on the xenophobic incident which has claimed lives of foreign nations. Malema said as Africans we should take care of each other as we are brothers and sisters.

At a press conference Malema remorsefully acknowledged the violence caused by South Africans and dismissed them from inciting violence.

“Find it in your hearts to forgive us. We are sorry. We are ashamed. Forgive us. We come from a traumatic past and we are still struggling to find ourselves,” Malema said.

The EFF leader said he will not tolerate xenophobic attacks on other Africans because the next thing when the South Africans cannot get jobs they will start attacking each other.

When you are done with foreigners you will come for the Tsonga. You will say ,’We don’t have jobs because of Xhosas, they must go back to Eastern Cape you will start turning on each other,” said Malema.

Malema urged South Africans to report crimes being committed by any sector in the society than retaliating with violence. Malema said he will never become a President of criminals and will always advocate for the truth to be told.

“I am not going to be a part of looting I don’t want to be a president of thugs and criminals who beat up people,”



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