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Man declines to offer upward variation

A Harare woman dragged her former husband to maintenance court demanding an upward variation of $500 for the upkeep of their minor child but the husband rejected claiming he had a lot of arrears leading to earning a meager salary at the end, less than half of what her former wife was claiming.

Angela Makokola told the court that her former husband Paradzai was in position to meet her claim since he is employed with the Ministry of Justice Legal and Parliamentary Affairs realising about $1200 and does not have much of responsibilities, since he is not married.

Paradzai disputed the upward variation claiming that he has another child whom he is maintaining and also has loans which leaves him earning less than 200 a month.

Presiding Magistrate Nyasha Marufu’s hands were crippled on the upward variation when she was handed the current payslip and understood that Paradzai had various loans from six different firms on the same pay. He was then ordered to pay $80 upward variation of $30 from $50, since he was earning about $170 at the end after loan deductions.

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