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Man offers nothing.

A Harare man offered nothing towards the upkeep of his three children when he was dragged to court by his ex-wife.

This came to light at the Harare Civil Court where Yulita Chitimbe was applying for $300 maintenance from Agripa Katunduru.

“I am not offering anything your Worship because am not employed now. I was a farmer and I stopped in 2017 when I fell sick, I am still sick now, I cannot work because am still on medication,

“My relatives are the ones who are taking care of me, I’m assisting my mother I law who is taking care of children using money that l get from my relatives. I pay school fees for the children too,”

In response Chitimbe disputed saying Katunduru is employed at a company which manufacture card boxes and during his spare time he works as an electrician.

Presiding magistrate Sheila Nanzombe postponed the case as she ordered Chitimbe to get a letter from the clerk of court to Katunduru’s employer so that she will be given the proof of his earnings. She also ordered Katunduru to bring a medical letter which shows that he is unable to work.

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